Welcome to the Operation Frederick Douglass on Hill Community Page. On Behalf of the Bailey-Groče Family Foundation we welcome you.

The Bailey-Groče Family Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by the family of Frederick Douglass based in Talbot County Maryland.

The Bailey-Groče Family Foundation are one of two Frederick Douglass family run organizations in the United States and the only based in the State of Maryland.

Our first project was the Frederick Douglass Mural. This is a piece of art done by Michael Rosato which shows a 400 year history of Africans in Talbot County. From the plantations to shipyards through the Civil War to White House. Michael Rosato paints a true story historical victory in the North American African Community.

Talbot County and the State of Maryland are valued partners in this project with benches, landscaping and plenty of support by the Town of Easton as well. We couldn’t ask for better partners.